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Being Prepared

Get prepared before a disaster happens

Whether flood, fire, or an act of Mother Nature is the cause, the outcome is the same. A disaster can result in the loss of customers, revenues, inventory, and property for business owners. Water and smoke damaged items quickly become unsalvageable. Structural damage can worsen without immediate attention.

“Disasters happen”…. and when they do, they are potentially enormous risks to structures and their contents. Many of the losses inflicted on physical structures and their contents can be avoided or diminished by quick action. Formulating a disaster plan and taking the necessary preventative measures may mitigate the destructive effects in the event of a catastrophe.

Companies who plan ahead for such a disaster are repaid countless times over. How? By saving lives, property and in many cases their business.

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Pre-Select a restoration vendor before you need them!

Having a member of your organization proactively seek out a restoration vendor is highly recommended in disaster planning. Proactively selecting a restoration vendor prior to a loss can have a dramatic effect on the recovery time as restoration services can begin immediately. This is where Service Master of Beaufort County can help with your disaster preparedness by contacting us today to have a representative visit you today.

being prepared 2The goals of a business continuity plan or contingency plan include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Minimize interruptions to business operations
  • Limit the severity of the disruption
  • Establish alternative means of operation
  • Resume critical operations within a specified time after a disaster
  • Expedite the restoration of services
  • Assure customers that their interests are protected
  • Maintain a positive image of the organization
  • Minimize financial loss
  • Train personnel and familiarize them with emergency operations
  • Establish awareness

Planning for the worst is the best for your business.

When putting together a recovery plan, the contingency planner must consider a “worst case” scenario. If a commercial facility is affected, does the vendor being considered have the resources to address the building and all of the contents involved should full-scale contamination occur?

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There are service capability differences. As with all industries, there are vendors with varying capabilities and resources. For those involved with contingency planning, it is more than likely your interest will lie with a company that can provide services on both small and large scales in conjunction with a wide service area. Our Commercial Marketing Representative can help you get prepared.

Only an immediate and effective response can prevent additional damage and loss of business. Our company specializes in taking the steps needed to get you back in business.