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Limiting Business Interruption

You have to act fast after a fire or flood

water3When disaster strikes, Service Master of Beaufort County specializes in limiting business interruption after a fire or flood. We minimize business interruptions by quickly analyzing the problem, providing a professional assessment of the damage, determining the services needed for a complete restoration, reviewing scope of services with the insurance adjuster, finishing the job on time, and following up to assure total satisfaction. Anxious customers dealing with water or fire losses feel better knowing the right help is on the way, and that their lives will get back to normal as quickly as possible. We understand the urgency to reopen a business after a flood or fire. We are prepared to take whatever steps are necessary to reopen a business as quickly as possible. Service Master of Beaufort County specializes in handling the complexities that arise from a commercial water or fire loss. Our staff is trained to handle everything from a sprinkler breaking on the top floor of a hotel, a flood in an apartment or condo complex, to a small fire in the kitchen of a restaurant. We have the tools available on the local level to handle any problem.